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We source German Real Estate investments based on your own criteria and assist with all aspects through to a successful purchase: Including accompanied inspection visits and competitive finance arrangements. Please explore our website and feel free to contact us to enquire about any of our offers or to discuss your investment objectives.

Investing in Bremen

Our latest deals are in Bremen.  An vibrant city with solid fundamentals and one where we think solid yields can be found with great potential for capital appreciation.  Please do get in touch if you are looking to invest.

Bremen is located in the north of Germany just 45 minutes from the North Sea and the Dutch
border. The two other big cities in the north – Hamburg and Hannover – are one hour away by
car or train. The city of Bremen has 550.000 inhabitants and is the 10th biggest city in

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Finance Rates – Adding Heat to the Market

When we first started working in Germany, we were drawn by the excellent supportable gross yields of 10%+ that we could find for ourselves and our clients.  As time has progressed, as we expected, the German property market has in the main enjoyed growth in recent years and we have seen yield compression in a number of cities we have operated in.  Where we could source good quality property in Leipzig at 12%+ yields, we now are seeing comparable stock with yields at around the 6% level. Read More

Spring 2014 – Looking forwards to the German Property Market

It is that time of year when we start to do our “spring cleaning” and look back at what we have [or have not!] achieved on a wider or personal level in the last year, and look forward to what the next year will bring. Here will do just that, and look at the big developments over the last 12 months, and look at what we predicted for the year. We will also make some predictions for the next 12 months..

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German Property Prices – A look back over 5 years and a 5 year look forward

ProVenture Property was born out of the onset of the global financial crisis. As a team, we very much surveyed the landscape towards the middle of 2007 and as investors ourselves saw little value to hold let alone invest in property in much of the developed world. We would not claim for a minute that we foresaw the global turmoil that was just about to unfold, but like many folks we knew something was up. We took our money, and advised as many people we knew to take their money, to areas of safety. Within europe, Germany seemed like the last market which stood up as an area of viability to invest. And so that it what we did, as investors and as consultants to other investors. How has it worked out, now the financial crisis seems to be easing 5-6 years on?

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Where are the Great Deals in Germany?

Where Are Investors Looking in Germany for the Great Deals?

The stall is well laid out for Germany to see a strong housing market in the short to medium term. Business and consumer confidence is now higher than it has ever been since re-unification in 1990, interest rates are at record lows and unemployment falling fast in many regions. Against this backdrop, German house prices have been fairly unremarkable, indeed boring, over the last 20 years showing no real appreciable gains in real terms against inflation. Affordability for housing is at record lows, as low as 15% of take home pay needed to service the housing costs, and access to finance for German residents and international investors alike is very good.
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