Investing in Bremen

Investing in Bremen

Our latest deals are in Bremen.  An vibrant city with solid fundamentals and one where we think solid yields can be found with great potential for capital appreciation.  Please do get in touch if you are looking to invest.

Bremen is located in the north of Germany just 45 minutes from the North Sea and the Dutch
border. The two other big cities in the north – Hamburg and Hannover – are one hour away by
car or train. The city of Bremen has 550.000 inhabitants and is the 10th biggest city in

Looking back on a long history of ship building and trade as a Hanseatic city, it is
nowadays the dynamic in aerospace that brings many qualified people from all over Europe to
Bremen. Daimler has its second largest car manufacturing plant in Bremen and is the cities
biggest employer with more than 12.000 employees. Other big employer are world famous
companies such as Kraft Foods, Kellogs, ArcelorMittal, and Airbus.

Bremen has beside those big companies a huge variety of medium sized firms that are often family owned for
centuries. This gives Bremen a strong and well-paid workforce in different industries. Those
people often aim for a flat or house in and around the city centre. However, the supply is
limited and plans for new building is very small for the next 10-20 years. All those people
find a city that is easily accessible by bike and has a good network of public transportation
with buses and the tram. Beside that, people in Bremen love their green spaces such as
the ‘Bürgerpark’, the waterway along the old city walls, and the Botanical Garden that has
one of the largest stock of rhododendrons and azaleas in the world.

Bremen is both a city and a state. Part of the state Bremen is also the city of Bremerhaven that is
situated 52 kilometres north of Bremen. In these days Bremerhaven is the mayor port of
Bremen. Bremen is part of the Bremen/Oldenburg Metropolitan Region with 2.4 million
people. The River Weser makes its way right through the city. The brewery Beck’s is now
owned by AB Inbev but is still one of the big employer and a figurehead of Bremen. The local
football team Werder Bremen also attracts a lot of attention and the whole city seems to
support the team on matchdays when ten-thousands make their way to the stadium. It is
located right by the river and very central close to the city centre.
The vacancy rate in Bremen is very low in these days. Compared to the other big cities
Hamburg and Hannover, real estate prices in Bremen still seem to be moderate. The city has
growing population and therefore rising prices are to be expected.

You can see a selection of properties we have available in Bremen here – please get in touch if you are interested as we do not list all our stock online.

You can see a selection of properties we have available in Bremerhaven here – please get in touch if you are interest as we do not list all our stock online.