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As professional property investors ourselves, our strategy for investing is simple and is based on solid fundamentals delivering cashflow positive property.

With over 20 years’ experience of investing in the European market: We began to focus on Germany in 2006; Berlin being the first city that we invested in actively. Market features which attracted us at the time were the low prices, different stage of the property cycle as to the rest of developed world, high levels of finance in place and steady rental demand. Once established there, we began to look further afield and discovered more hotspots in Germany that met our exacting criteria.

Our next focus was Leipzig. This was a key market for ProVenture during the years after the global financial crisis, from 2007. Our activity continues in this market, primarily in the support of clients who are now selling their investments. We were attracted to the market for the reasons of very low prices and start of the property cycle and increasing population and developing economy which was as strong as anywhere in the East of the country. Prices developed from 2007-2013 very well, but are now at levels in most parts of the city which is not fully supported by local economics and is a good market to sell into as our clients now are.

Throughout our time in the German market, we have looked to find new areas for investment and we are currently working with our clients to acquire property in areas Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven, Wuppertal and Lower Saxony.

What do we do?  We speak with investors to identify their investment goals and financial position.  We then scour the market to identify possible suitable investments to present to our clients.  We can offer accompanied inspection visits and will provide assistance and guidance at every step of the purchase of the property.

James Kirkman

James Kirkman – Managing Director of ProVenture Property and active investor in the German property market.

Matthew Littlecott

Matthew Littlecott – Investment Analyst, Author and Property Consultant for ProVenture Property. Active investor in global property markets – Germany, UK and USA.

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