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Bremerhaven | German Property For Sale – February 2013 Update


German Property February 2013



Welcome to our German Property market update for February 2013. In this edition we look forwards at Leipzig and Bremerhaven. As ever – please contact us if you would like any more information.


Updating our Property Updates

We have now updated the method in which we communicate – we can now provide property updates depending on how often you want them. If you click the link below, you will be able to update your preferences on price and location – and also choose how often we alert you to new investments available – either Daily, Weekly or Monthly updates are available – if you don’t update your preferences we will of course continue to send this, our monthly summary:

Bremerhaven – 18 months on…

With ProVenture having been operating in Bremerhaven for 18 months now, we thought it about time to do another little follow up with a summary of activity and a ‘how goes it’ for our clients who have purchased there over the last year and half.

The biggest success story for all of our clients who have purchased up on the North Sea coast has to be management. Our partners, Haus und Grund, have been doing an excellent job there, but it is not only testament to them and the service they provide, but also to the city itself.
With a growing population, fully renovated buildings and with CURRENT yields in the region of 9-10%, management isn’t the hardest job in world in this coastal city. I am pleased to say, and hopefully without tempting fate, all of our clients are happy with the current situation and are sitting back and enjoying the hands off investments they all signed up for.

Will you be part of the success story? Find out how the first 18 months have gone and what yields we are currently looking at.

Leipzig – A Boom City?

The city of Leipzig has had a turbulent past, both from a historical perspective and from a property point of view. The 20th century saw the effects and devastation of 2 world wars, assumption within the USSR and then the collapse of communism followed by German re-unification and later the adoption of the Euro. Quite a lot to make sense of, and the city is still makings sense of these massive developments today you would say.

Unlike Berlin, which was always in the headlights for investors since the Berlin wall collapse, Leipzig has remained “under the radar” for international investors with mainly domestic investors making up the sales transactions. This is somewhat unjustified you would say, and the economic and cultural scene in Leipzig certainly demands attention from investors. We have certainly thought as much, and set up our headquarters here in 2007.

With the general doom and gloom which surrounds the majority of Europe today, Leipzig can be seen as somewhat of a good news story and is one of the last cities standing which offers good growth potential for the coming years.

But the more wisened investors amongst you will be thinking “well, if the city is in the media already then perhaps the growth has already happened and I am too late!!”.

No you are not! Where do we see the current fantastic opportunities in the city? Find out here.

Stability Ahead – According to Leading German Insurer

German property markets will display stability this year, amidst the general weaker EU property markets, reported the leading German Insurer Gothaer. With some growth potential in prime locations and stable prices and rents throughout the periphery, says the investment manager of German insurer Gothaer. It sees no pricing bubble emerging ahead…Read on

Latest Property Offers


172,000€ | Leipzig
Potential Yield: 7.5%
Type: Residential
Approx. Size: 239 sqm

Package of 4 single apartments in the west of Leipzig (Alt-Lindenau and Plagwitz).

Sizes between 42sqm to 71sqm, fully tenanted.

PV560 Newly Refurbished MFH Bremerhaven

325,000€ | Bremerhaven
Potential Yield: 10.08%
Type: Residential
Approx. Size: 500 sqm

The Property is a 2012 refurbished
multi-family house with full basement, four full storeys and a converted attic. It was built approx 1939 in a massive
construction with a plastered facade and is equipped with plastic framed insulating glazed windows. It has 7 apartments of approx 36 to 91 sqm and 2 commercial units in the ground floor (catering service). The house and the
apartments have been renovated
extensively in 2012 and are, in our
opinion, in a good condition and well maintained. Repairs and renovations have been made in a timely manner, no abnormalities were detected.

PV561 Great yield MFH in Bremerhaven

328,000€ | Bremerhaven
Potential Yield: 9.54%
Type: Residential
Approx. Size: 540 sqm

The Property is an overall very well
maintained multi family house with a
full basement, 4 full storeys and a
partially converted attic. It has 9
spacious apartments with beautiful
layouts, a newer thermal insulation
façade, intercom and plastic framed
windows with insulation glazing.


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